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A rational approach on the UMMO subject



In January 1966, in Spain, some people started receiving a flow of bizarre letters that, according to the senders, were written by individuals belonging to an UFO crew coming from a planet that they called UMMO, situated at some 14.4 light-years from Earth.

These letters described to some extent, the history and the culture of the inhabitants of such UMMO planet. Also, they described their planet and their stellar system.

The Philosophical, Religious, Scientific, Technical and of other nature issues coming from these letters were of extraordinary value according to their logical coherence and originality.

In the present site you will be able to find the transcriptions of most of all the known letters as well as the digitalized facsimiles of the original letters we had access to.

Feel free to read the texts and judge them by yourselves..

Help this site translating the UMMO letters to English


If you go to "Letters" you will find there three options in order to read them. The first one: “Todas” (All) contains a table were you will find all the known letters ordered by a whim criteria, derived from an old classification, therefore used to identify the letters in many other sites. The second one: “Más importantes” (Most important) is just a subset of the precedent table, containing only the letters which have a content of some interest.


You will find, in all the three options, the English version of the letters by clicking in the English language flag that is in a very pale tone. This tone is because we have generated all the letters through an automated translator (mainly Google, but sometimes Babel Fish from Yahoo) and thus we can’t consider these translations as being accurate English versions. We will change the flag to the flag, once we have achieved a good English translation.


You could help this to happen. We beg for aid improving these automated translations. See below how you could collaborate.


If you wish to cooperate, not much time will be needed. In fact, you could collaborate in two different ways depending on yours skills or/and your available time.


1- If you don't know any Spanish, you can also help, by working on a text of at least ten paragraphs or thirty lines minimum so that you will be involved in producing an English text that, at least, will be intelligible to an English reader. That is trying or guessing to understand the meaning of the automated translated sentences and making the syntax easier and accurate from the point of view of a common reader. Of course, this kind of help won´t guarantee that the translation is accurate but at least it will make the text easier to read. If someone is willing to contribute, please send us the improved text to . Once we have received your text we will highlight it in blue, to avoid people working with the same text.


2- If you do have some skills in reading Spanish, you could compare the automated generated text, to the original one, and then you could send us the corrected paragraphs. We will place them in the English version of the letter, changing the font colour to dark green.


Whenever a letter turns out to be accurately translated, as said before, we will change the flag to the flag.


Thanks in advance to those that will take part in this helpful task.


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